US War Dogs Association

US War Dogs Association 2014 - On Going

The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of Former and Current US Military Dog Handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.

Our background in military War Dog service and our dedication to honoring the memory of the service and sacrifice of the US Military Working Dogs gives us a unique perspective that we can use to educate the public on the history of Military War Dogs.

The US War Dog Association seeks to educate the public with their travelling display and presentations, find loving homes for retired Military and Police dogs, send care packages of necessities to dog/handler teams overseas, and to honor those who have given their lives and continue to serve by working towards getting a National War Dogs Monument built and Commemorative US postage stamp issued.


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Past Charities

Charity Description Years
True Colors True Colors is a non-profit organization that works with other social service agencies, schools, organizations, and within communities to ensure that the needs of sexual and gender minority youth are both recognized and competently met. The organization trains more than 6,000 people annually, organizes the largest LGBTQ youth conference in the country with more than 3,000 attendees and manages the state’s only LGBTQ mentoring program. True Colors has been spotlighted by both national and local media for their expertise in LGBTQ youth issues. 2018 - 2019